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The voice of small and medium business in New Zealand

Established in 1976 the Accountants & Tax Agents Institute of NZ (ATAINZ) has been in existence for more than 45 years. With over 450 Members nationwide from Kerikeri to Invercargill, ATAINZ members are here to be your trusted Tax and Business Advisors.

ATAINZ supports Tax Agents by promoting professional growth and development opportunities, as well as education and member support.

Members of ATAINZ provide a wide range of services including:

• Accounting
• Business mentoring
• Reviews
• Valuations
• Company Incorporations
• Tax advice
• Tax agency work

Members’ clients include business owners, self-employed, partnerships, companies, investors, salary and wage earners, superannuitants, agents, rental income earners, farmers, estates and trusts.

ATAINZ trusted tax and business advisors in NZ

Strength in Numbers

Remembering ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’, as a collective we have the opportunity of developing unparalleled taxation expertise with strength in numbers, and being in a prime position to earn trust as Advisors.

A Code of Ethics to support our Members and their clients.

All ATAINZ Members must comply with a Code of Ethics, which covers four main areas:
• Integrity
• Trust and confidence
• Standards of service
• Professional conduct

If you are working with an ATAINZ Member, you can rest assured that they are maintaining high ethical standards and have access to up to date resources. As trusted tax and business advisors, we are here to support our members and our clients. 

ATAINZ - support for business owners, accountants and tax agents

Great support whether
you’re a business owner,
Accountant or Tax Agent

ATAINZ tax agents - trusted tax and business advisors
Our meetings and conferences focus on trending topics - not JUST tax.

Tax Agents who are up to date with all tax changes

If you are a Tax Agent, ATAINZ can provide the resources to ensure you keep up to date on the latest tax changes, and what’s in the pipeline, as well as developing your professional skills. 

ATAINZ Members are required to undertake a level of further education and professional development every year. As a business owner, you can trust that ATAINZ Members have access to up to date information and can provide the best advice.

Approved Advisor Group

ATAINZ is one of only three organisations to have received “Approved Advisor Group” status by the Inland Revenue Department. We are proud to be recognised as trusted tax and business advisors.

Meet the ATAINZ Leadership team

Supporting Tax and Business Advisors throughout NZ

Richard Able ATAINZ CEO

Richard Abel


Richard has been a member of ATAINZ since 2004. He was elected to the Board in March 2017. In March 2018 he was elected by the Members at the AGM as the Chairperson. Richard has been managing an accounting firm in Nelson since 2000 and currently has 13 staff in his practice.

Michelle Nunes-Vaz ATAINZ

Michelle Nunes-Vaz

Deputy Chairperson

Michelle has been a member of ATAINZ since 2008. She was elected to the Board in March 2017. She still practises accountancy and business consulting full time in West Auckland. Michelle focuses on promoting the benefits of ATAINZ Membership including; being involved in regional meetings, professional upskilling and training, and peer support.

Martin Thomas ATAINZ

Martin Thomas

Board Member

Martin has 35 years of experience with taxation and accountancy. Remembering ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’, as a collective we have the opportunity to develop unparalleled taxation expertise with strength in numbers, and earn trust as Advisors. Martin joined the Board in 2019 and focuses on accelerating the growth and brand of ATAINZ to benefit all of our Members.

Lance Green ATAINZ

Lance Green

Board Member

With over 30 years of experience, Lance was a Senior Accountant, Associate and Director at four Accountancy firms before commencing practicing on his own in April 2021. The main enjoyment in the position held is being able to assist client’s growth from small beginnings to a business that has a strong future.

Mike Davies ATAINZ

Mike Davies

Board Member

I joined ATAINZ in 2008 and have attended all of their annual conferences since then except one. Strategic planning has always been a task that I have enjoyed and with ATAINZ looking to set a new Strategic direction I felt that I was in my element and agreed to stand for the Board. As an Institute I believe ATAINZ has come out of its shell and is now forthright in representing industry issues across a broad spectrum of government and industry players. We are now getting the recognition we need as a representative body to help shape industry and tax for the future. We are now a “voice” for small business.

Amie Lorenzen ATAINZ

Amie Lorenzen

Board Member

As owner of Figuration Limited, Amie’s mission is to grow stronger communities by supporting SME’s with growth and success. ATAINZ mission statement resonates with Amie, she is passionate about supporting the association to empower Members (both current and future) to understand the value they can play in their clients’ businesses and is an advocate of recruiting new graduates and up and coming players in the industry, encouraging diversity and longevity of the association.

Lisa Martin ATAINZ

Lisa Martin

Board Member

Lisa believes that every accounting professional must belong to a Membership organisation that supports standards, best practice, education and continuing professional development. Being a passionate member of ATAINZ, when a Board opportunity arose in 2021 Lisa expressed her passion and desire to help educate the accounting industry and join the Board and help spread their mission, purpose, and values.

Gary Upston ATAINZ

Gary Upson


Gary is a qualified Accountant who for the last 20 years has been operating his own event management company running events such as Rally NZ, the Auckland Marathon, Polyfest and Rally Australia. Gary currently operates a retail business in Auckland. Gary commenced the role of CEO for ATAINZ on a part time basis in March 2017.

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