ATAINZ supports Accountants & Tax Agents by running courses, conferences and seminars to support Members’ continuing professional development and ensure they are up to date with developments in tax law. ATAINZ also provides resources as well as opportunities for Members to network and share information.

ATAINZ offers Members a comprehensive range of resources that enable them to be at the forefront of current legislative updates and changes. ATAINZ provides a continuing education pathway from ATBA to PTBA.

ATAINZ is one of three IRD approved Advisors. This means that as an institute, we:

1) Have a significant function of giving advice on the operation and effect of tax laws
2) Are subject to a professional code of conduct in giving that advice
3) Are subject to a disciplinary process that enforces compliance with the code of conduct.

Supporting Accountants & Tax Agents Throughout NZ
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A support network both in person and online.

Supporting Accountants & Tax Agents Throughout NZ

Established in 1976 the Accountants & Tax Agents Institute of NZ (ATAINZ) has more than 450 Members nationwide from Kerikeri to Invercargill.

ATAINZ offers two Membership categories:
• Professional Tax & Business Advisor (PTBA)
• Associate Tax & Business Advisor (ATBA)

And for the first time Membership has been opened to non Tax Agents, provided that you hold a NZ degree or tertiary qualification or have sufficient expertise.

ATAINZ is one of only three organisations granted “Approved Advisor Group” status by Inland Revenue.

Our focus is you the Member, and providing you with the necessary ongoing education and resources to function at the highest level.

Looking for a trusted Business Advisor?

Be it tax advice, financial advice, or advice on your next business decision then ATAINZ is here to support you.

Get the advice you deserve! Make sure you choose an ATAINZ Advisor, your trusted Tax & Business Advisor.

Our Members adhere to high professional standards and our comprehensive continuing education requirements means our Members always have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and legislation.

Trusted accountants and tax agents throughout NZ
Security of a national institute, where Members are required to comply with standards and ethics.
ATAINZ - support for business owners, accountants and tax agents

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
ATAINZ to be recognised as the voice of small-medium business (SME) New Zealand.

Mission Statement
Empowering members to be recognised as Trusted Advisors in the business community.

What our Members say: