Lisa Martin


Lisa has a history of belonging to professional member organisations that aim to boost the quality of the financial industry. Prior to being an ATAINZ Member, she was helping to enhance the reputation of the bookkeeping community. She was on the NZ Bookkeeper’s Association board for eight years, and worked hard to make sure that the value professional bookkeepers bring was recognised.

Lisa went back to university, achieved a degree in business majoring in accounting, and was then accepted to the CPA programme. Lisa’s vision was that her business, GoFi8ure, would be regarded as a transformational accounting business and Tax Agent.

To achieve that vision, she needed to belong to a credible accounting and Tax Agent organisation, and chose to join ATAINZ. Lisa explained: “ATAINZ helps me and my business stay on top of the game, by always improving and evolving. It has brought a new level of learning and upskilling to my professional development and helped me improve and grow my business. I really like having regular face-to-face workshops where you can engage with high-calibre speakers, as well as share feedback on systems and legislation with important regulators. I also really enjoy building relationships with other accounting professionals from across the country, who care about our industry and our SME clients. Our regular workshops and lively Members’ forum also make it feel a bit like family when we come together at events!”

Being “mildly competitive”, as soon as she was able to, Lisa achieved the highest membership tier possible, becoming a Professional Tax & Business Advisor (PTBA). Being a PTBA means she has been invited to be part of advisory cohorts, providing a practical perspective on government initiatives and proposed changes. It also means Lisa’s business receives a practice review every five years, to demonstrate the high standard of GoFi8ure’s work and continually reach for even higher achievement. Lisa said, “Being a PTBA has helped me evolve so much more than I would have otherwise. A big factor in that has been being able to tap into the wealth of knowledge ATAINZ Members hold, whenever I need it. It’s also really refreshing knowing that you can get help from other ATAINZ Members without any sense of ego or competition.”

Two years ago, Lisa joined the ATAINZ Board. Since then, she has really championed the education, regional events, and promotion aspects. She participates in everything she can, and is also a mentor in our internal mentoring programme. 

“I definitely feel like I’m getting out much more than what I’m putting in,” Lisa said. “The number one word that comes to my mind when describing ATAINZ membership is ‘transformational’. It’s about transforming the pains that come with running a business into some form of success. Being part of ATAINZ has helped me make my business stronger and smarter, and I feel really good about the quality of support we provide our clients.”

Dave Saunders


My name is Dave from Aro Advisers. We work with privately owned businesses to turn their potential into reality; helping them put in the systems, processes and disciplines necessary for success, and of course helping them manage their numbers and tax!

I was attracted to ATAINZ because it is the only professional body whose focus is New Zealand Small Business and are recognised by IRD.

I’m proud to be a Member. Of course there are a bunch of benefits, but the two that are most important to me are two things that I think ATAINZ does very well:

  • Collegiality – there is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the membership, and Members share this knowledge openly, so if you ever want a sounding board or a nudge in the right direction, chances are someone will help.
  • Opportunities for training and upskilling – ATAINZ runs fantastic workshops and conferences and provides deals on resources and tools used by Accountants.

Yeah, I get it, every professional body has networks and holds conferences, but ATAINZ does it with personality and an individual touch – you feel like you’re part of it, and that’s what I value.

Haylee Wrenn


Being an ATAINZ Member means that I have 400 other Accountants to bounce ideas around with. If I have a tricky situation there is always someone who is a specialist on the topic willing to support my client and I. The educational conferences are a highlight in my calendar not to mention the regular online coffee catch ups discussing new legislation and systems to help our practices run productively. Knowing I have a professional organization supporting me gives me a lot of confidence and inspires me to continually learn and improve.

Jude Stirling


I joined ATAINZ a couple of years into my business journey. I wanted my accounting business to be aligned with a professional body that has strong ethics and professional accountability.

I enjoy being part of the ATAINZ group. As a sole-operator, knowing the collective wisdom of the group is available for me to tap into is invaluable. The Members are supportive, and it’s great to catch up with other Members at the annual conference and yearly in-house workshop.

Haley Wilson


For any successful accounting firm, it’s crucial to have the right professional body behind you. Becoming a Member of ATAINZ as an ATBA was a no brainer when I established myself as a self employed accounting professional.

With the growth of my business and team, ATAINZ has been the governing body guiding the way we conduct ourselves in business through ethical accounting practices and guidelines.

I have since been granted PTBA membership status, and my accounting staff are ATBA Members with ATAINZ as part of their employment.

ATAINZ champions for Accountants and Tax Agents in NZ – fighting for us to be recognised as accounting professionals, alongside CAANZ and the likes. The support of other ATAINZ Members through Member forums, workshops and events is amazing, and so beneficial.

I would absolutely recommend ATAINZ to any Accountant out there, looking for a supportive, ethical organisation with a strong Member base, education and networking opportunities.

Now is an exciting time to become part of ATAINZ, as we go from strength to strength. Get in touch with us to find out more about how being an ATAINZ Member will benefit you, your business, and your clients!

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