ATAINZ Client Case


Client Example 1 – Understand What Your Numbers Mean

An ATAINZ Accountant’s client was going through a period of immense stress and turmoil in her personal life, and needed to approach her bank for critical lending.

The ATAINZ Member took the time to make sure the client understood her numbers, could run relevant reports, and make comparisons.

The client took a strong plan to her bank, and instead of it being an overwhelmingly stressful time, she was prepared and confident that she knew her stuff. This meant she was able to gain the stability she needed to keep earning and providing for her family.

Client Example 2 – Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying Your Tax!

When a new client changed to an ATAINZ Accountant, the Accountant immediately found that the structure of their financial statements, year-end balance journals, and tax returns did not meet accounting standards.

The ATAINZ Member rebuilt all of their accounts and systems to meet professional requirements. When it came time to do the year-end tax, the ATAINZ Member also noticed that there was no paperwork recorded for the around $11,000 spent with Customs. The client’s old Accountant never noticed that they were actually owed GST as a result. The ATAINZ Member even advocated for the client with IRD, as they couldn’t believe such an oversight could have happened.

In the end, the client received a $5,000 GST refund, and their accounts now meet all of their reporting obligations.

Are you confident your Accountant would do these types of things for you? Being an ATAINZ Member means more than just collecting a subscription and churning out GST returns. It means being invested in your business!

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