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  • ATAINZ has been adding credibility to New Zealand accounting professionals for 45 Years
  • There are lots of quantifiable Member benefits via the website, newsletters, forum, and events
  • ATAINZ is a voice for NZ Accountants, Tax Agents, and all of their clients
  • ATAINZ offers an agile and responsive alternative to Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ) and CPA Australia
  • ATAINZ’s size means we can react and adapt to any new changes and opportunities much faster than larger Member groups, to provide a useful support network to Accountants in New Zealand
  • ATAINZ focusses on helping Members to grow and develop, by offering continuous learning opportunities via workshops and peer-to-peer relationships and support
  • We believe in providing a learning community without ego or judgement
  • Interact and build relationships with accounting professionals from wherever you
    are in New Zealand
  • We are an organisation that best represents the businesses we support, because we are made up of small to medium-size businesses
  • Suitable for you whether you want to take the opportunity to attain a high membership status, (as a Professional Tax & Business Advisor or PTBA) or are happy to enjoy member benefits as an Associate Tax & Business Advisor (ATBA), or Academic Member
  • All ATAINZ Members are thoroughly vetted, to ensure our organisation offers the highest quality of credibility for our Members and their clients
  • ATAINZ continues to build its reputation for credibility, integrity, Member advantages, and humanistic support

ATAINZ is focused on empowering and resourcing Members to provide professional accounting, taxation and business advice to small and medium businesses in New Zealand.


ATAINZ offers the following Memberships:
• Professional Tax & Business Advisor (PTBA)
• Registered Tax & Business Advisor (RTBA)
• Associate Tax & Business Advisor (ATBA)
• Academic Member

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