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With over 470 Members nationwide from Kerikeri to Invercargill, ATAINZ is the perfect support and growth network for Accountants and Tax Agents.

ATAINZ aims to:

  • Foster tax knowledge in New Zealand
  • Further and develop tax practice in New Zealand
  • Represent ATAINZ Members in New Zealand
  • Maintain the highest standards among ATAINZ Members by restricting Membership to suitably qualified people
  • Consider, initiate, debate and make submissions on New Zealand tax laws.
ATAINZ - trusted tax and business advisors throughout NZ

Learn, refine and grow with ATAINZ professional development

Keep up to date on the latest tax changes, and what is in the pipeline, as well as developing your professional skills. We provide a huge amount of ongoing education and resources, including:

  • Annual Conference
  • Annual One Day Workshop
  • A Members only Facebook page
  • Members Only Education Library & Video Presentations
  • Member support through third parties including:
    » Marketing advice
    » Mentoring
    » Taxation solutions
    » Payroll matters
    » Xero & MYOB support
    » Business & Practice planning support
  • Seminars for educational benefit
  • Continuing Professional Development

Stay compliant and accountable

ATAINZ is one of only three IRD approved Advisor groups in New Zealand. The following three organisations have received approved advisor group status to date:

  • The Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand
  • The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • CPA Australia

These groups are approved by the Commissioner, and are required to follow a code of conduct. ATAINZ meet requirements under section 20B(5) of the Tax Administration Act 1994.

What is an approved advisor group?

An “approved advisor group” is defined in section 20B(5) as a group that includes natural persons who meet all of the following requirements. They:

  • have a significant function of giving advice on the operation and effect of tax laws
  • are subject to a professional code of conduct in giving that advice.
  • are subject to a disciplinary process that enforces compliance with the code of conduct

The group must be approved by the Commissioner before a tax advisor who is subject to an approved advisor group’s code of conduct and disciplinary procedures can claim the right of non-disclosure on behalf of a taxpayer. The Commissioner will exercise his power of approval at a high level of delegated authority having regard to the statutory requirements and such other relevant considerations as may be applicable.

All ATAINZ Members must comply with a Code of Ethics, which covers four main areas:

  • Integrity
  • Trust and confidence
  • Standards of service
  • Professional conduct

When you join ATAINZ, you will have strength in numbers, and be able to make better informed decisions for your business and your clients.

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