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Are you a small to medium-sized business looking for a quality Accountant? Choose an ATAINZ Member, to make sure you are getting the best advice and support, from an Accountant who is on top of their game!

There are lots of complications and risks that come with running a business. You are managing staff, cash flow, payroll, tax, stock, assets, your IP, confidentiality, contracts and so much more. So if you’re looking for more than just tax returns from your Accountant, as advisors we become an integral part of your business. We can help you mitigate your risks, keep your stakeholders and regulators happy, and better yet, help you thrive.

The vast majority of businesses in New Zealand, SMEs, need support from Accountants who are going to help create transformational change. ATAINZ Members are more equipped to achieve that, through our learning events, active Member support network, and influence with national and regional decision-makers. We belong to a group that knows our craft, and can respond to changes as they happen by working together for the good of our clients. There’s no better example of how quickly the operation of our businesses can change than the past couple of years of Covid-19!

ATAINZ Members can relate to what’s going on in your business because we have experienced it, or are going through it too. Like many of the Kiwi businesses we work with, our organisation is mostly made up of small to medium-sized businesses. 

We’re Accountants that are passionate when it comes to helping drive our clients’ success. Every day, ATAINZ Members are proving that to their clients, and are doing it in new and exciting ways!

Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. How often do you actually see your Accountant? Is it enough to feel confident that you’re making the best financial decisions whenever they’re needed?

  2. Do you actually understand your annual financial statements and tax returns, and are you confident explaining them when required, for example when you deal with your bank?

  3. How accessible is your Accountant? Do you have a relationship where you feel comfortable talking to them whenever you need their help, and do they offer a sounding board, or challenge you? Crucially, do they actually respond to you quickly?

  4. Does your Accountant relate to your business and vice versa? Have they actually stood in your shoes, and managed to create a successful business themselves?

  5. Does your Accountant explain concepts and answer your questions in plain English?

If you have any question marks in these areas, talk to an ATAINZ Member, because we understand the needs and opportunities for small to medium-sized New Zealand businesses!

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